Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daddy comes home from deployment and...23 hours later our baby is born!!!!!!

Well it has been a crazy 2 weeeks!!! Scott came home from deployment early friday morning and I had a scheduled c-section on Monday, Nov 23 but.....i went into labor on Friday night/early Saturday morning and he was born at 6:18am on November 21!! He weighed 6lb 14oz and was 20 and 1/2 inches long! I was so suprised because I have never gone into labor before but sooooooo grateful that Scott made it home just in time!! I Still had him via c-section and it all went really well.

I look like a train wreck in this picture but this is the first time I was able to hold my sweet little bundle of JOY!!

This is the first time Scott held him and as you can see I'm still getting stitched up on the table!!

I love this picture because he has his hand is over his face and during my pregnancy I had 8 ultrasounds beccause they were worried about his growth and we NEVER saw his face!!! Even now when we wrap him to go to bed we have to leave his hands out because he will not sleep if they are not by his face!!!

When he was first born we didn't see a very strong resemblance between him and the older 2 boys but as he gets older and has gained some weight he looks just like Branson and Eli who are carbon copies of their daddy!!!
Last but not least we named him....Emmett Andrew Romriell. It has been 2 weeks from today that he was born and it has been so amazing! He is truly an amazing baby that rarely cries unless he is hungry and he has an appetite of a Lion!! I think is going to be just a chubby as his older brothers!!! I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I have another healthy son!!! Branson and Eli LOVE him so much and Eli will hold him any chance he gets and Branson is such a good helper and is so kind and gentle with him!!! Our house is full of love and we couldn't be Happier!!!! Life is good:)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pickin' some Pumkins!!

Eli started Pre-school and one of his field trips was to the pumpkin patch and the boys loved every minute of it!
I couldnt figure out how to crop Eli out of the pic.. I need someone that is blog savvy to show me how to be a bloggin diva!

Branson was upset because he said I was takin' too many pictures and this is him rebelling!

As I looked back over the blog the last couple of years (cant believe its been that long since I started bloggin) I realized this is as close to scrap bookin' as I'm ever gonna get so I made a new resloution to post more blogs!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gleaning Taters'

Branson and I riding in the back of the truck while going thru the fields!!!
Branson was really good at finding potatoes and would usually run ahead of everyone to find the biggest one's!

Do you see how little his potatoes are? He kept saying he was picking Eli size potatoes and if they were really small they were the "new baby's potatoes"!!

Branson and Granma Brenda!!

Eli......and NO I did not help him pick out that outfit:)

Time to update the blog!!! We are loving Idaho and have really enjoyed spending so much time with the grandparents and cousins!!!! My uncle owns a farm and let us come glean the potatoes out of the field after the harvesting trucks had gone thru and the boys loved every second of it!!!Our new little man is coming in about 31/2 weeks and I will try and post pics of my belly soon!!! Stay Tuned!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aloha Idaho!!!

My handsome husband!!! Yum...he is just so stinkin cute!!

Branson brushing up on his cannon ball skills:)

Me 61/2 months preggers!!!

Eli totally not caring about all of the sand that our in his crackers!!

Well....Today is our official last day Hawaii for everyone in Idaho.....get ready to party with the one and only!!!! I will miss everyone so much and I am so grateful to all of the people that we have met and all of the friends we have made in Hawaii....We will miss you guys so much!!!! More than anything I am going to miss my husband more than he will ever know over the next few months and am trying to keep my crying and emotional breakdowns to a minimum which is hard because you know how pregnant people get !!! These are pics of our last few days on the island!! We thought that we should party it to the max!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little man 4D style :)

I'm Leaving back to Idaho and Scott will be leaving on Deployment so we decided to do a 4D ultrasound of the little man before he left so he could have some fun pics of the unborn to look at while underway. The boys came with us to the ultrasound place and loved looking at the baby! Eli seems the most excited (partly because he has no idea whats coming!!!). We had the big ultrasound done (where they measure everything and make sure all the parts are there) about 2 weeks ago and he was sitting breach with his legs and hands above his head and sure enuf.......2 weeks later the little man is in the exact same position!!! During the ultrasound we tried every position to get him to move some of his extremeties but to no avail..he is one stubborn little man!!! Hopefully that's not a sign of things to come!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Amazing Years!!!!!

This weekend is Scott and I's 7 year Wedding Anniversary!!!! Holy Smokes!! Time has really flown by and I'm starting to feel old!!! I have been married 7 years!! I remember when we were newlyweds and thinking that being married for 5 years would be so long and now its been 7!! I feel so blessed to be able to say that with each passing year our lives only get better and my love for Scott grows in ways I never thought possible.I'm so excited when I think about all of the good times we will have in the future! He is such an amazing man and that treats me like a Queen (most important) and I am so happy each and every morning (well the days he is not out to sea or on duty) to wake up next to him in bed. For the first time ever Scott and I are going on a little Honeymoon alone to Kauai for the weekend and I cannot wait!!!! We are leaving the boys with grandma Denise (so gratful to her for flying to Hawaii to watch them and to party with us for a couple of weeks) and we are gonna go have some crazy fun!!!!! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa
p.s. the picture is blue because we are under the water in a submarine!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

ON THE MOVE!!!! Goodbye Hawaii!!!!!!!

We have been on the Island over a year and a half sooooooo naturally its about time for us to say Goodbye to Hawaii!!! We are sad to leave our friends and the lives we have created here and will miss everyone a ton, but very excited to move to Idaho for a few months!!!! We could technically stay here until the end of the year but Scott is leaving for deployment at the end August or beggining of September and won't be home until a couple of days (literally) if we are lucky.......before baby # 3 is born and then we would be moving a couple of weeks after that. The reality of moving 6,000 miles across the ocean 2 weeks after a c-section with a newborn and 2 boys was a little daunting and being an ocean apart from any family the last 3 months of my pregnancy just didnt sound like much fun so naturally.... I decided to move home (Idaho) when Scott leaves on deployment. We are sooooo excited!!!! We haven't lived around family since we were newlyweds....I think this is going to be a great chance for the boys to get to know and love there cousins, aunts, uncles and most importantly grandparents much better!!!!! It will also be very nice to have some help wathcing the boys when I am 9 months pregnant!!!! We will be in Idaho until Februaryish..and then we will be on the move again to Washington state where we will hopefully live for a few of years! The longest we have lived anywhere in the last 3 years so we are getting excited to put down some roots of sorts...... Branson is starting Kindergarten in Idaho and is very excited!! Eli can't wait to sit in the Hot Tub with grandpa (such a sport!) and eat string cheese and Diet Coke (a tradition they started on our last trip home:::) {pictured above} Did I mention they love squirt guns too???? :)Anyone who lives in Idaho plan to PARTY with me!!!!!!!! (as much as a pregnant lady can)!!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

100% Boy!!

We just got our 19 weeks ultrasoud done and it is 100% boy!! We are very excited!!! We just can's think of very many names!! We are open for suggestions!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!!

First of all, its been forever since my last post for a couple of reasons....... ONE Im pregnant and feel like junk most of the time and have absolutley NO energy!! Second our computer (all voo-doo by the way) got some virus that would not let us connect to the internet!!! Freakin nerds!! Why can they not find something better to do than create viruses that destroy computers??? RIDICLOUS!!!!! anyways, Now down to the nitty gritty details about baby Romriell number 3!

I am now almost 14 weeks along and I am due November 30! Scott comes home from his deployment mid to end of November so perfect timing (if this little baby doesen't get anxious to met his brothers!) We just had our first ultrasound because I have NO patience and I wanted to see our little baby and make sure everything is ok and not expecting to see the gender but what to do we see???????

All the makings of another mini-me of SCOTT!!! A Third little BOY!!!!!! Although there is a chance that the "swelling" between the legs could go down it has a very good chance of being a litte man!!!! Holy Smokes!!!! I was convinced it was a little girl!!! Although I thought it was gonna be a girl I love being a mom to my 2 boys and they are soooooo stinkin handsome, how could I possibly be upset about having another Smart, Handsome, little boy!!???? We are so excited for this new little edition to our home! When Eli saw the pic of the baby on the TV during the ultrasound he started freakin out and was soooooo excited! All he wants to do is look at my bellyand say baby in mommy belly!!!!!! Branson has been telling us the entire time it's a boy(I kept telling him its a girl but he would adamently so i'm wrong) and when we saw it was a boys he started yelling I'm Right and your Wrong...You Loose!!!! Im so grateful for all of my boys and one Hot Daddy!! I love them more than words can describe and cannot wait to meet my third little boy!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DaY of FuN in the SUN!!!!!!!!!

On the rare, (never happened before afternoon) Scott came home from work at around 2ish so we packed up and went to the pool! The pic to the right if Branson's first time off the high dive!!!! He was a little hesistant at first so i bribed him with a piece of gum...(just like his mom at heart) and then he jumped!!! and then jumped again and again, he is such a fish!!!!!! I love the pic of Eli so proud on the diving board...he is just plain cute...(im sorry, HANDSOME!!)

Scott bought a new camera that is waterfproof and so we were playing with and these are some of the pics we took!! I think the one of Branson's face is pretty cool lookin (and i took it!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Branson is a STAR KEIKI!!!!!!

Well.....It has been sooooo long since i last posted!!! Our camera acutally broke right after Christmas and so we finally got a new one (well about 6 weeks ago) and now I'm back to my picture takin ways!!! Branson attends a Military Private School called Navy Hale Keiki, which is funny because translated into english means Navy White Kid!!!!! (Ya gotta love the Hawaiin Lingo!!!) Each month they give out awards to good students and this month Branson got one and we are sooooooooooo proud of him!! He is such an amazing boy and I know he will grow to an amazing man!! The pictures just above the paragraph are in the common area of the school and each morning all the grades gather and and say the pledge to the flag and then sing " The star spangled banner". While watching them perform their morning routine I was very emotinal because I realized these kids at such a young age have already sacraficed so much for this beautiful counry. Many family's including ours have sacrificed having a Father or Mother around for the better part of there lives. Scott works very long hours (about 100-110 hours a week) when his submarine is in port and he was gone over 8 months last year and has been gone for over 6 weeks since January. I have a lot of respect for military kids as they really do bear alot of burden to help support their parents to fight for our country!! WOW, well back on track. We are soooooo proud Branson and i feel sooooo blessed that he sets such a good example for Eli and is so kind, tender and patient with him because Eli is generaly hot on his tracks following him around the house trying to be just like him!!!

P.S. I have to confess that i have only had 2 hours of sleep today because i worked last night and so if my post is a bit discombobulated (how's that for a word???!!! I'm not sure if it even is one but ya get my point!) I'm using sleep deprivation as a excuse!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun Family Pics!!

I love these pics but don't really fall into a "catagory" if that makes sense? I decided to make a post of some of my favorite pics!
So.... Branson has a very unique sense of style as you can tell from this picture!! The cowboy boots are classic, he doesn't wear them everyday but sometimes just gets the wild hair and has to wear them!! On more than one occasion they have been worn to the beach...practical??? not so much but..... I cannot reason with a very stubborn 4 year old a mission !!!!

Just a cute pic of Eli!

This pretty much sums up the family!!! When we were trying to take this picture Branson just kept on playing and it turned out to be sooo amazing!! I love it!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Branson Chritmas Program in Hawaii!!!

I love the headbands!!
He is just so stinkin adorable!!!

As you can see 1 week before Chritmas it is sunny and in the 80's!!!! This sounds crazy and ridiclous but I am soooooo sick of the sun!!!!!! I love it when it rains because well.........there's no sun!!! Its a double edged sord because power in Hawaii is very fickle (to say the least) and a good down pour is likely to cause a power outage for about 8 hours and if a lighting storm happens....well, power is just out of the question!!! We had a horrible lightning storm (according to the locals, i had to work the night of the "horrible storm) which included all of about 5-10 lightning strikes (no kidding!) and the power was off at the hospital ( which made my night shift much much harder!!)for 10 hours and at our house for about 16 hours!!!!!! I can't believer it!!!! Anyways I just had to vent (i think its healthy!) sooooooo back to the Play, Branson was so excited and it was sooooo much fun to be there! It was sad that Daddy wasn;t able to be there( he was under the ocean in a submarine, but luckily made it home just before christmas!!) Branson is such a great boy and I know will turn into an amazing man!! He is soooo kind and generous and I am so blessed to call him my son!!! He will bring a smile to anyone's face!! Sorry the video is kinda...ok alot blurry but....I'm also posting pics so you can see he awesome outfit!!!
P.S. I am totally aware that the video is not 100% captivating and it may not be Oscar worthy but being sooooo far away from family this is the best way for everyone.....(pretty much Grandparents) to keep up with us so just keep that in mind while watching the star-studded clip!!