Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pickin' some Pumkins!!

Eli started Pre-school and one of his field trips was to the pumpkin patch and the boys loved every minute of it!
I couldnt figure out how to crop Eli out of the pic.. I need someone that is blog savvy to show me how to be a bloggin diva!

Branson was upset because he said I was takin' too many pictures and this is him rebelling!

As I looked back over the blog the last couple of years (cant believe its been that long since I started bloggin) I realized this is as close to scrap bookin' as I'm ever gonna get so I made a new resloution to post more blogs!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gleaning Taters'

Branson and I riding in the back of the truck while going thru the fields!!!
Branson was really good at finding potatoes and would usually run ahead of everyone to find the biggest one's!

Do you see how little his potatoes are? He kept saying he was picking Eli size potatoes and if they were really small they were the "new baby's potatoes"!!

Branson and Granma Brenda!!

Eli......and NO I did not help him pick out that outfit:)

Time to update the blog!!! We are loving Idaho and have really enjoyed spending so much time with the grandparents and cousins!!!! My uncle owns a farm and let us come glean the potatoes out of the field after the harvesting trucks had gone thru and the boys loved every second of it!!!Our new little man is coming in about 31/2 weeks and I will try and post pics of my belly soon!!! Stay Tuned!