Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun Family Pics!!

I love these pics but don't really fall into a "catagory" if that makes sense? I decided to make a post of some of my favorite pics!
So.... Branson has a very unique sense of style as you can tell from this picture!! The cowboy boots are classic, he doesn't wear them everyday but sometimes just gets the wild hair and has to wear them!! On more than one occasion they have been worn to the beach...practical??? not so much but..... I cannot reason with a very stubborn 4 year old a mission !!!!

Just a cute pic of Eli!

This pretty much sums up the family!!! When we were trying to take this picture Branson just kept on playing and it turned out to be sooo amazing!! I love it!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Branson Chritmas Program in Hawaii!!!

I love the headbands!!
He is just so stinkin adorable!!!

As you can see 1 week before Chritmas it is sunny and in the 80's!!!! This sounds crazy and ridiclous but I am soooooo sick of the sun!!!!!! I love it when it rains because well.........there's no sun!!! Its a double edged sord because power in Hawaii is very fickle (to say the least) and a good down pour is likely to cause a power outage for about 8 hours and if a lighting storm happens....well, power is just out of the question!!! We had a horrible lightning storm (according to the locals, i had to work the night of the "horrible storm) which included all of about 5-10 lightning strikes (no kidding!) and the power was off at the hospital ( which made my night shift much much harder!!)for 10 hours and at our house for about 16 hours!!!!!! I can't believer it!!!! Anyways I just had to vent (i think its healthy!) sooooooo back to the Play, Branson was so excited and it was sooooo much fun to be there! It was sad that Daddy wasn;t able to be there( he was under the ocean in a submarine, but luckily made it home just before christmas!!) Branson is such a great boy and I know will turn into an amazing man!! He is soooo kind and generous and I am so blessed to call him my son!!! He will bring a smile to anyone's face!! Sorry the video is kinda...ok alot blurry but....I'm also posting pics so you can see he awesome outfit!!!
P.S. I am totally aware that the video is not 100% captivating and it may not be Oscar worthy but being sooooo far away from family this is the best way for everyone.....(pretty much Grandparents) to keep up with us so just keep that in mind while watching the star-studded clip!!