Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aloha Idaho!!!

My handsome husband!!! Yum...he is just so stinkin cute!!

Branson brushing up on his cannon ball skills:)

Me 61/2 months preggers!!!

Eli totally not caring about all of the sand that our in his crackers!!

Well....Today is our official last day Hawaii for everyone in Idaho.....get ready to party with the one and only!!!! I will miss everyone so much and I am so grateful to all of the people that we have met and all of the friends we have made in Hawaii....We will miss you guys so much!!!! More than anything I am going to miss my husband more than he will ever know over the next few months and am trying to keep my crying and emotional breakdowns to a minimum which is hard because you know how pregnant people get !!! These are pics of our last few days on the island!! We thought that we should party it to the max!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little man 4D style :)

I'm Leaving back to Idaho and Scott will be leaving on Deployment so we decided to do a 4D ultrasound of the little man before he left so he could have some fun pics of the unborn to look at while underway. The boys came with us to the ultrasound place and loved looking at the baby! Eli seems the most excited (partly because he has no idea whats coming!!!). We had the big ultrasound done (where they measure everything and make sure all the parts are there) about 2 weeks ago and he was sitting breach with his legs and hands above his head and sure enuf.......2 weeks later the little man is in the exact same position!!! During the ultrasound we tried every position to get him to move some of his extremeties but to no avail..he is one stubborn little man!!! Hopefully that's not a sign of things to come!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Amazing Years!!!!!

This weekend is Scott and I's 7 year Wedding Anniversary!!!! Holy Smokes!! Time has really flown by and I'm starting to feel old!!! I have been married 7 years!! I remember when we were newlyweds and thinking that being married for 5 years would be so long and now its been 7!! I feel so blessed to be able to say that with each passing year our lives only get better and my love for Scott grows in ways I never thought possible.I'm so excited when I think about all of the good times we will have in the future! He is such an amazing man and that treats me like a Queen (most important) and I am so happy each and every morning (well the days he is not out to sea or on duty) to wake up next to him in bed. For the first time ever Scott and I are going on a little Honeymoon alone to Kauai for the weekend and I cannot wait!!!! We are leaving the boys with grandma Denise (so gratful to her for flying to Hawaii to watch them and to party with us for a couple of weeks) and we are gonna go have some crazy fun!!!!! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa
p.s. the picture is blue because we are under the water in a submarine!!