Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a workin' Mama!

ts has been awhile since my last post.... and for multiple reasons.... moving, baby, and moving again...and last but not least I'm working again!!! So a little catch up on our lives..... Emmet is 6 months old and I can't believe how fast the time has gone...he is chubby just like his bothers and is another carbon copy of his daddy! He is rolling over like crazy and gets really upset when he cant get to what he wants. He has the cutest personality and I cant imagine life without him:) WE are also moving again...but we are still staying in Washington and are so excited...we found a cute little house and its on 5 acres and it just awesome and we cant wait to move!!! The last thing we have been up to is me getting a job! I work at a new hospital in the Emergency Room and I love it so far!!! Its been alot of work but I really enjoy what I do!!!! is gonna be out new house...on July 1st and cannot wait to move!!!!
Did I mention we bought a boat??? Let the good times roll!!! To cute for words.......
My parents visited us and they are on the ferry to seattle with the boys! Just have to say I love this pic!!!!
Does Life get any better??? I have a great family !
Emmett just makes myy heart jump everytime I see him!!

I just love this picture...It just says so much about how much Eli adores Branson:)
Last but not least, This gorgeous little baby boy...Im still in awe at how blessed I am to have 3 healthy handsome little boys!!!