Sunday, November 30, 2008

FaMilY Pic's at BeaCh

Scott and I got toegether with some good friends and decided that we wanted to take some family pics at the beach for our chirstmas cards so we took each other's family pics and they turned out really good!!! I was so excited!
Branson, i think, was trying to impersonate one his many favorite superheroes!!!

I took this picture and it turned out AMAZING!!!
I am going to send out Christmas cards for the first time EVER! SO, if ya want one give me your address in the comment section!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SceNic HaWaii

When My mom came out to visit we went to Kualoa Farms and we went on a Jungle Expedition and an ocean voyage and theses are the pics from our Jungle Expedition!! It was beautiful!!!!

My mom thinks this should be our christmas card pic alothough I think Scott and I are leaning towards one on the beach!!!!!! If we are gonna be stuck on this rock might as well be proud of it!! hahahah

For any LOST fans out there the pond in the pics is where the "LOST Submarine" scenes were filmed!

This is just.........AMAZING.

Monday, November 10, 2008

AtLanTis UndeR the SeA

One of the best things about living in Hawaii is the fact the visitors can kill 2 birds with one stone! Not only do they get to visit the coolest family ( myself and the boys :) !) but its also a good vacation destination!! My mom came out and took advantage of such a situation! While she was here we went on the Atlantis, which is a submarine with windows ! Genius!! (Why didn't the Navy think of it?!) anyways, they drive? (im not sure what the right term is) around some old reefs/wreckage around Hawaii including a plane wreck, sunken ship and a couple other reefs and it was beautiful!!! The fish were amazing! The Pics are kinda fuzzy because they are being taken through a little window about 100 ft under the ocean!

My Mom and I getting ready to load the ship that will take us to the submarine, Man I love this Lady!!!!!!

The pic above is the bow of the sunken ship!!!

This is the plane wreck and i tried to get the whole plane in it but it wasn't happening! Dang!

This is Scott and I in the Sub about 130 ft deep and we look blue because When you so deep it makes everything look blue ( There is a more scientific reason but.....I forgot.....sorry:)!)

We always welcome visitors so anyways who wants to see Hawaii just let us know!!!!!