Thursday, August 19, 2010

ParTAY On the WaTer

Scott and Branson in the water getting ready to ski again...Branson tried water skiing and wakeboarding this summer and was such a good sport!! He is gonna be good at whatever he sets his mind to he is very athletic!!!
Anytime there was a free minute Branson would be jumping in the water!! This kid a a fish!!!!
We got these Kid's ski's at the begining of the season and the boys wanted to be pulled around on them through the house because they thought it was so cool and it became a frequent workout for me!

This was his favorite place to be on the boat......all the time.....Man I love this little guy!
Scott skiing:)
The one and the only..........ME!
Looking quite fine.....YUM!
Just before Eli and I got in the water for the first time before trying the ski.......he got up for one second and when he fell his face got wet and he absolutley hates getting his face wet and got really upset and would go again....until the next time we went boating:)
Eli surfing.......kinda!!!
To sum up what we have been up to this summer.......boating!!! We go at least 2 times a week and 3 if we are lucky, if I'm not working and scott gets home before 5 you can bet we are at the lake, living the good life....which later on turns into the sore life:( haha

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a workin' Mama!

ts has been awhile since my last post.... and for multiple reasons.... moving, baby, and moving again...and last but not least I'm working again!!! So a little catch up on our lives..... Emmet is 6 months old and I can't believe how fast the time has gone...he is chubby just like his bothers and is another carbon copy of his daddy! He is rolling over like crazy and gets really upset when he cant get to what he wants. He has the cutest personality and I cant imagine life without him:) WE are also moving again...but we are still staying in Washington and are so excited...we found a cute little house and its on 5 acres and it just awesome and we cant wait to move!!! The last thing we have been up to is me getting a job! I work at a new hospital in the Emergency Room and I love it so far!!! Its been alot of work but I really enjoy what I do!!!! is gonna be out new house...on July 1st and cannot wait to move!!!!
Did I mention we bought a boat??? Let the good times roll!!! To cute for words.......
My parents visited us and they are on the ferry to seattle with the boys! Just have to say I love this pic!!!!
Does Life get any better??? I have a great family !
Emmett just makes myy heart jump everytime I see him!!

I just love this picture...It just says so much about how much Eli adores Branson:)
Last but not least, This gorgeous little baby boy...Im still in awe at how blessed I am to have 3 healthy handsome little boys!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

Can't believe its been three years..........where has the time gone????? Everyone who meets him adores him......and his smile lights up the room!
Eli loves his much he hates to sleep with out him and when I check on them before I go to bed it usually looks something like this:)

He loves Emmett and gives him the most tender kisses!

He loves wearing hats.....but only for about an hour......and daddy of Branson have to be wearing one too.
His motorcycle has over a 100 miles on it.....literally, this one started leaning hard to the right so we had to get him a new blue one but he made us keep this one to just for "back up" purposes!!
Just before we left Hawaii he learned how to ride a bike. He loves those little green crocks too!!!
Just plain cute!!!
I love this picture because it looks like he was running a like warp speed or something:) haha
Eli.......We love you more than words can say and our lives are better because we have you!!!!!!

We have MOVED!!!!!!!

We are official residents of Washinton state!!! We live in Bremerton, Wa in Jackson Park (military housing) and our house is really close to the elementary school and we have a huge playground in our backyard! I love it because I can keep a close eye on the boys and still get some work done in the house and they have a way to get out all of there "energies" as Eli would say. They also have a beautiful walking path in our housing that is right on the pudget sound and it is gorgeous!!!! Scott is here and we are loving the fact that we can all live in the same house together again!! It has been so nice to have him around again and not worry about him least for a while anyways! Branson is loving Kindergarten and we get to walk him to school everyday and Eli has been riding his trusty "motorcycle" to pick him up everyday! We have enjoyed our time in Washington so far and are looking forward to exploring the area as soon as we have got the boxes under control!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emmett is 6 weeks old!

6 weeks old today!!!!

*He loves to smile....and I never stop loving it!!
*He weigh's around 10 pounds and has the cutest double chin I have ever seen:)
*He sleeps 5 hours at night... I'm hoping sometime soon we can say the WHOLE night!
* He loves to lay on the floor and watch his brothers do puzzles!
*He loves to eat
*He can reach out and touch brightly colored toys and Eli and Branson take every opportunity to play with him on the floor!
*He never cries unless it's time to eat! He has the best temperment and I'm so grateful! He has brought so much love and happiness into our home and is doted on by every aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparent! He is one loved little guy!

Surrounded by LOVE!!

This is the first time Eli was able to see and hold Emmett and he could not wait. As soon as we got Emmett out of the car seat Eli ran (literally) to the couch so he could hold him first!

Me holding my precious bundle of joy!

Scott with his grandpa and his wife Edith so... Emmett's great grandpa Romriell.

This is the first time Branson was able to hold him because of the rules in the hospital! The boys were so excited to meet there new brother!

Uncle Jared lovin' up on his new nephew

Daddy gettin' to know his new little man!

My dad, my grandpa Cornelison, Emmett and me. 4 generations.....

Grandma Great (as we call her)

Emmett's first visit with Santa Clause:)

All of Emmetts cousins on the Cornelison side of the nieces have hardly been able to contain themselves and have yet to let Emmett out of their site.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daddy comes home from deployment and...23 hours later our baby is born!!!!!!

Well it has been a crazy 2 weeeks!!! Scott came home from deployment early friday morning and I had a scheduled c-section on Monday, Nov 23 but.....i went into labor on Friday night/early Saturday morning and he was born at 6:18am on November 21!! He weighed 6lb 14oz and was 20 and 1/2 inches long! I was so suprised because I have never gone into labor before but sooooooo grateful that Scott made it home just in time!! I Still had him via c-section and it all went really well.

I look like a train wreck in this picture but this is the first time I was able to hold my sweet little bundle of JOY!!

This is the first time Scott held him and as you can see I'm still getting stitched up on the table!!

I love this picture because he has his hand is over his face and during my pregnancy I had 8 ultrasounds beccause they were worried about his growth and we NEVER saw his face!!! Even now when we wrap him to go to bed we have to leave his hands out because he will not sleep if they are not by his face!!!

When he was first born we didn't see a very strong resemblance between him and the older 2 boys but as he gets older and has gained some weight he looks just like Branson and Eli who are carbon copies of their daddy!!!
Last but not least we named him....Emmett Andrew Romriell. It has been 2 weeks from today that he was born and it has been so amazing! He is truly an amazing baby that rarely cries unless he is hungry and he has an appetite of a Lion!! I think is going to be just a chubby as his older brothers!!! I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I have another healthy son!!! Branson and Eli LOVE him so much and Eli will hold him any chance he gets and Branson is such a good helper and is so kind and gentle with him!!! Our house is full of love and we couldn't be Happier!!!! Life is good:)