Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emmett is 6 weeks old!

6 weeks old today!!!!

*He loves to smile....and I never stop loving it!!
*He weigh's around 10 pounds and has the cutest double chin I have ever seen:)
*He sleeps 5 hours at night... I'm hoping sometime soon we can say the WHOLE night!
* He loves to lay on the floor and watch his brothers do puzzles!
*He loves to eat
*He can reach out and touch brightly colored toys and Eli and Branson take every opportunity to play with him on the floor!
*He never cries unless it's time to eat! He has the best temperment and I'm so grateful! He has brought so much love and happiness into our home and is doted on by every aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparent! He is one loved little guy!


Sunni said...

What a cute little boy. It is amazing how much he has changed in 6 weeks. Those six weeks went by so quickly for me =) I hope you are getting some sleep.

Natalie said...

How sweet kim! We are so thrilled for you all! It's so crazy how much they all look alike!!!