Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DaY of FuN in the SUN!!!!!!!!!

On the rare, (never happened before afternoon) Scott came home from work at around 2ish so we packed up and went to the pool! The pic to the right if Branson's first time off the high dive!!!! He was a little hesistant at first so i bribed him with a piece of gum...(just like his mom at heart) and then he jumped!!! and then jumped again and again, he is such a fish!!!!!! I love the pic of Eli so proud on the diving board...he is just plain cute...(im sorry, HANDSOME!!)

Scott bought a new camera that is waterfproof and so we were playing with and these are some of the pics we took!! I think the one of Branson's face is pretty cool lookin (and i took it!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Branson is a STAR KEIKI!!!!!!

Well.....It has been sooooo long since i last posted!!! Our camera acutally broke right after Christmas and so we finally got a new one (well about 6 weeks ago) and now I'm back to my picture takin ways!!! Branson attends a Military Private School called Navy Hale Keiki, which is funny because translated into english means Navy White Kid!!!!! (Ya gotta love the Hawaiin Lingo!!!) Each month they give out awards to good students and this month Branson got one and we are sooooooooooo proud of him!! He is such an amazing boy and I know he will grow to an amazing man!! The pictures just above the paragraph are in the common area of the school and each morning all the grades gather and and say the pledge to the flag and then sing " The star spangled banner". While watching them perform their morning routine I was very emotinal because I realized these kids at such a young age have already sacraficed so much for this beautiful counry. Many family's including ours have sacrificed having a Father or Mother around for the better part of there lives. Scott works very long hours (about 100-110 hours a week) when his submarine is in port and he was gone over 8 months last year and has been gone for over 6 weeks since January. I have a lot of respect for military kids as they really do bear alot of burden to help support their parents to fight for our country!! WOW, well back on track. We are soooooo proud Branson and i feel sooooo blessed that he sets such a good example for Eli and is so kind, tender and patient with him because Eli is generaly hot on his tracks following him around the house trying to be just like him!!!

P.S. I have to confess that i have only had 2 hours of sleep today because i worked last night and so if my post is a bit discombobulated (how's that for a word???!!! I'm not sure if it even is one but ya get my point!) I'm using sleep deprivation as a excuse!!!