Friday, July 24, 2009

ON THE MOVE!!!! Goodbye Hawaii!!!!!!!

We have been on the Island over a year and a half sooooooo naturally its about time for us to say Goodbye to Hawaii!!! We are sad to leave our friends and the lives we have created here and will miss everyone a ton, but very excited to move to Idaho for a few months!!!! We could technically stay here until the end of the year but Scott is leaving for deployment at the end August or beggining of September and won't be home until a couple of days (literally) if we are lucky.......before baby # 3 is born and then we would be moving a couple of weeks after that. The reality of moving 6,000 miles across the ocean 2 weeks after a c-section with a newborn and 2 boys was a little daunting and being an ocean apart from any family the last 3 months of my pregnancy just didnt sound like much fun so naturally.... I decided to move home (Idaho) when Scott leaves on deployment. We are sooooo excited!!!! We haven't lived around family since we were newlyweds....I think this is going to be a great chance for the boys to get to know and love there cousins, aunts, uncles and most importantly grandparents much better!!!!! It will also be very nice to have some help wathcing the boys when I am 9 months pregnant!!!! We will be in Idaho until Februaryish..and then we will be on the move again to Washington state where we will hopefully live for a few of years! The longest we have lived anywhere in the last 3 years so we are getting excited to put down some roots of sorts...... Branson is starting Kindergarten in Idaho and is very excited!! Eli can't wait to sit in the Hot Tub with grandpa (such a sport!) and eat string cheese and Diet Coke (a tradition they started on our last trip home:::) {pictured above} Did I mention they love squirt guns too???? :)Anyone who lives in Idaho plan to PARTY with me!!!!!!!! (as much as a pregnant lady can)!!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

100% Boy!!

We just got our 19 weeks ultrasoud done and it is 100% boy!! We are very excited!!! We just can's think of very many names!! We are open for suggestions!!!!