Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

Can't believe its been three years..........where has the time gone????? Everyone who meets him adores him......and his smile lights up the room!
Eli loves his much he hates to sleep with out him and when I check on them before I go to bed it usually looks something like this:)

He loves Emmett and gives him the most tender kisses!

He loves wearing hats.....but only for about an hour......and daddy of Branson have to be wearing one too.
His motorcycle has over a 100 miles on it.....literally, this one started leaning hard to the right so we had to get him a new blue one but he made us keep this one to just for "back up" purposes!!
Just before we left Hawaii he learned how to ride a bike. He loves those little green crocks too!!!
Just plain cute!!!
I love this picture because it looks like he was running a like warp speed or something:) haha
Eli.......We love you more than words can say and our lives are better because we have you!!!!!!

We have MOVED!!!!!!!

We are official residents of Washinton state!!! We live in Bremerton, Wa in Jackson Park (military housing) and our house is really close to the elementary school and we have a huge playground in our backyard! I love it because I can keep a close eye on the boys and still get some work done in the house and they have a way to get out all of there "energies" as Eli would say. They also have a beautiful walking path in our housing that is right on the pudget sound and it is gorgeous!!!! Scott is here and we are loving the fact that we can all live in the same house together again!! It has been so nice to have him around again and not worry about him least for a while anyways! Branson is loving Kindergarten and we get to walk him to school everyday and Eli has been riding his trusty "motorcycle" to pick him up everyday! We have enjoyed our time in Washington so far and are looking forward to exploring the area as soon as we have got the boxes under control!