Saturday, January 2, 2010

Surrounded by LOVE!!

This is the first time Eli was able to see and hold Emmett and he could not wait. As soon as we got Emmett out of the car seat Eli ran (literally) to the couch so he could hold him first!

Me holding my precious bundle of joy!

Scott with his grandpa and his wife Edith so... Emmett's great grandpa Romriell.

This is the first time Branson was able to hold him because of the rules in the hospital! The boys were so excited to meet there new brother!

Uncle Jared lovin' up on his new nephew

Daddy gettin' to know his new little man!

My dad, my grandpa Cornelison, Emmett and me. 4 generations.....

Grandma Great (as we call her)

Emmett's first visit with Santa Clause:)

All of Emmetts cousins on the Cornelison side of the nieces have hardly been able to contain themselves and have yet to let Emmett out of their site.

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